7054 - Supply Chain Enablement Specialist

Telford, ENG, United Kingdom    |     HR/Talent Acquisition   |   Full-time
Job Reference: 7054 - Posted 24-Mar-2022
The Supply Chain Specialist will facilitate suppliers on boarding for both existing and new customers and providing ongoing compliance activities for various Kelly customers via the use of e-procurement tools and internal technology. Facilitate the supplier on-boarding to ensure high supplier and customer satisfaction and short cycle-time.  Support operations teams in managing supplier performance and ensuring corrective action when needed.  The position exists to mitigate Kelly risk and legal liability through supplier contract compliance and ensure high performing suppliers in our network.   

Manage supplier on-boarding /off-boarding in the Salesforce Portal and DocuSign 

Consult on the supplier strategy by providing historical supplier and market knowledge.  

Validate supplier entities and maintain supplier hierarchy in Salesforce. 

Evaluate contract and create on-boarding requirements based on contractual terms. 

Responsible for building accurate contractual requirements unique for that client and country.   

Design non-standard onboarding practices in instances when unique clauses are embedded into contract 

Log and track appropriate implementation documents into supplier management tool to ensure all required supplier forms are returned. 

Conduct country license checks/validation, and review diversity certification, verifying the legitimacy of documents submitted. 

Ensure GDPR compliance and upcoming IR35 checks are complete.  Protect data from an external compromise by vetting calls and system access requests. 

Ensuring procedures are adhered to and having the confidence to challenge when this is not the case.  

Validate supplier submittals for contractual requirements in a timely manner and that the Supplier Data Protection Agreement has been applied (where applicable). 

Communicate with supplier’s insurance agent as needed to ensure the proper coverage(s) and relative endorsement language.  Partner with ASAC as needed when supplier is unable to meet the contractual insurance requirements. 

Facilitate contractual agreement changes and updating/reissuing revised contracts to suppliers. 

Conduct timely follow-up with suppliers and client on outstanding items.   

Provide standard reporting on supplier on-boarding status. 

Attend weekly internal implementation calls (and external when Specialist representation is requested) 

Assisting Consultant during implementation, to provide Portal demonstrations to selected suppliers, and to obtain data from VEDA site, to support on program implementations and expansions, accountable for creating new client program layouts in salesforce.  Facilitate with Contractual Redlining process, linking in with the contacts team when necessary.  

On occasions where SCE Consultant is not engaged, Specialist may have to provide similar services with client delivery 

Meeting deadlines and seeing the supplier onboarding journey through to completion. 

Aid supplier set up in VMS and back-office technologies. Ensure suppliers register in VMS technology before deeming supplier compliant (as appropriate). 

Facilitate billing set up with Secondary Supplier Processing Area (SSPA). 

Manage supplier compliance to contractual requirements through auditing.  Actioning monthly Canadian Clearance Audit. 

Partner with Operations to proactively monitor document expiration.  

Provide standard weekly reporting, to operations on supplier compliance/non-compliance status. 

Consult with Operations on suppliers in breach and assist with corrective action plans. 

Action weekly breach reports, adhering to firm process guidelines, escalating to company specific area vertical leads. 

Educate Operations/COM of associated breach risks and offboard activities. 

Proactively identify issues and provide appropriate and timely solutions. 

Perform regular review of default requirements for each program, ensuring they are still applicable, ie; insurance levels.   

Processing Supplier Entity Name changes to ensure suppliers remain compliant to the program and identifying where such changes require the re onboarding of suppliers. 

Partner with Operations team to manage supplier performance and ensure corrective action when needed.   

Support Operations teams in developing corrective action plans for suppliers based on  worker on-boarding audit results, supply/demand analysis, scorecards, etc.  

Build personal and professional relationships with suppliers, implementation teams and operations to ensure high levels of supplier satisfaction.  

Cultural Awareness: Understanding of cultural differences between regions and countries and ability to adapt working and management style accordingly.  

Versatile and capable of representing Kelly Services at supplier functions, such as the Global supplier forum, Diversity meetings, etc. 

Facilitate cooperation between key Kelly and supplier resources to meet the client’s articulated needs and supplier’s needs. 

Develop solutions that maximize joint value by exploring the underlying interests (needs, goals, constraints) of each party  

Communication conducted through appropriate methods such as; conference calls, emails and reports. 

Stay connected with Internal legal teams to ensure were kept up to date with local laws and insurance requirements, per country. 

Support sourcing strategies to bolster existing program delivery and consulting needs of the teams. 

Provide support and guidance to Operations teams, on best practices and client specific processes and nuances.  Responsible for delivering supplier updates to operations via regular scheduled meetings. 

Deliver just in time training to Suppliers when resolving issues. 

Consult with the internal Supplier Strategy & Engagement team to establish our preferred supplier network and sensitivity when dealing with high profiled suppliers.  Provide exceptional support for the PSN suppliers and Vantage accounts via appointed engagement managers. 

Collaborate with cross functional teams such as the AMER IC Evaluation Team to ensure proper hand off. 

Internal systems maintenance – DocuSign maintenance; formatting, tagging, rerouting, deploying/redeploying, voiding and republishing requirements.  

Ensuring Salesforce & Portal Links are formatted and are aligned correctly, to ensure system integration works.  

Keep the Portal updated with supplier instruction guides and helpful tips. Continuous improvement of Portal configuration. 

Identify opportunities for automation and operational efficiencies.  Submit as IT Request work with IT to define requirements, test technical enhancements, implement and draft communication plan to counterparts. 

Assisting with the Development of Automation bots, with ongoing monitoring and ownership.  

Salesforce IT support – changing supplier contacts, resetting password and changing supplier portal platforms. Review and update supplier hierarchy appropriately. 

Facilitation and maintenance of SharePoint site. 

Provide ongoing education of new technology. 

Ad hoc projects as needed, such as; Implementing best practices, updating working instructions, updating Salesforce data, maintenance of SharePoint site and contractual documentation. 

Providing Operations teams with ad hoc reports/data exporting when needed.  Produce regular client reporting. 

Giving ad hoc training on Internal systems (Portal/Salesforce) to operations teams. 

Demo Systems like DocuSign to customers both internal and external, advocate for corporate environmental responsibility, education on Routing protocols, etc. 

Providing cover support for our internal Reporting Analyst (supplier surveys/weekly reporting/supplier sourcing)  

We are looking for someone with Business-coordinator, customer service/call center, project specialist, recruitment/HR Administrator, compliance and/or insurance knowledge and possess the following;

OrganizationCan manage multiple situations effectively.  Multitask, proactive follow up, acts with a sense of urgency, has attention to detail.  Understands and is able to maintain good written instructions / documentation for all work. 

InitiativeKnows what needs to be done and does it without being asked.  Self-motivated, gets the job done, willing to go the extra mile, able willing to work independently.  Owns their workload. 

CommunicationEffective communication that is spoken, written and includes listening.  Customer service approach, effective at all levels of an organization, able to guide operations and suppliers, consultative interaction with operations, can manage difficult conversations.   

AnalyticalAbility to see interrelationships of data/ideas.  Can use program data to educate operations, supplier and drive change 

Interpersonal SkillsBuilds and maintains strong relationships.  Builds strong relationship with operations, suppliers, and internally, mentors suppliers, able to solution, challenges status quo 


Ability to Collaborate:  Liaising with and engaging department resources (i.e. SS&E, Risk Management, etc) as required and working to ensure alignment in relation to supplier onboarding/management. 


Technology: Intermediate IT Skills - Computer competent in Microsoft package (Excel, Work, Outlook). 


Contractual Understanding: Intermediate knowledge of supplier agreements, particularly related to insurance requirements and legal entities 

The right candidate must be;

Action oriented: Takes on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm.  

Results driven: Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances. 

Be able to build networks: Effectively builds formal and informal relationship networks inside and outside the organization. 

Adaptable: Adapts approach and demeanor in real time to match the shifting demands of different situations.