9497- GFBS Billing Analyst

ENG, United Kingdom    |     Finance/Banking/Insurance   |   Full-time
Job Reference: 9497 - Posted 21-Apr-2023

Primary Job Function:

This role is responsible for facilitating financial activities for a particular customer or customers, using e-procurement tools, and managing relationships between the customer and the approved vendors.

The Billing and Reporting Analyst will work with various members of the business to ensure all Billing and Reporting activities and requirements are executed and adhered to following relevant country regulatory bodies. This role aims to work to create a smooth and accurate Billing for the Customer.

Individuals in this position will be expected to recommend changes to management of existing processes where efficiencies can be gained without negatively impacting customers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

•             Raise the monthly/bi-weekly/weekly billing for a client as detailed by the invoicing client, utilizing CWO technology wherever possible to eliminate manual processes.

•             In charge of Invoice presentment to the client.

•             Manage invoicing requests communicated to the department, requested byOperations/Vendors/Client.

•             Create monthly accruals for the client and the Finance Headquarters.

•             Create invoicing formats within internal and external systems/ portals to ensurecustomer profiles and billing templates are accurate based on customerrequirements.

•             Utilize data analysis techniques to ensure the accuracy of data.

•             Proactively monitor technologies to identify potential errors before invoice creation, andmake adjustments immediately.

•             Implement internal controls when risks are identified.

•             Consultancy on the deployment of new products/billing processes for new clients.

•             Assure that customers, employees, and Service Administration follow establishedprocesses and review/update process as required. Additionally, participate insystem development for the improvement of account servicing.

•             Escalate when controls fail & if there are ill practices within the process tomanagement.

•             Manage process by facilitating communication between the field, customers, andinternal stakeholders to ensure accuracy of reported revenue and expenses.

•             Document Work Instructions, process flows and provide training and support to thesupported OCG/Finance department

Skills required:  

•             Excellent written and verbal communication skills – expresses ideas, facts, or thoughts in a logical manner

•             Proficient computer skills-internet, Windows environment, email, MS Word, and advancedExcel

•             Good organizational skills

•             Ability to multitask

•             Ability to work in a team environment

•             Adaptable to change

•             Ability to be proactive and anticipate the needs within the specific area of service

•             Ability to identify opportunities for process improvements and make recommendations onprocesses and procedures that are more efficient

•             Analytical ability- research and resolve issues using data

•             Knowledge of E-Tools

•             Attention to detail

•             Ability to apply logic and reasoning as appropriate

•             Proven knowledge of finance principles including accounts payable and receivable

•             European Languages desirable – Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish & Nordics

•             Negotiation– Understands what others need and their position and intentions, bothinternally and externally.  Needs to bean active listener.  Needs to guideinternal and external customers through change.

•             Problem analysis - Takes initiative to act on his/her own with minimal guidance, butalso knows to ask for help.  Able todefine action steps with measurable results.