Clinical Support Supervisor TH

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Job Reference: 2683 - Posted 20-Feb-2021

Clinical Support Supervisor-Thailand

Location: Bangkok, Northern, Northern Eastern, Southern

Reports to: CSR Manager


Job Descriptions:

Training CSR Full time & CSR outsource team:

  • Responsible for help support CSR & Training Manager in training CSR Fulltime team by area.
  • Support All product training includes Spine for CSR full time and CSR outsource.
  • Support CSR & Training Manager in assigning the surgery case in assigned area include scrubbing if required.


Development CSR outsource team by area:

  • Development CSR outsource and  increase skill to support cases about basic and revision cases.
  • Work instruction of CSR on Recon and Non Recon product.
  • Development payment for CSR I,II outsource by area.




  • Attendance at operating theatres to support surgeons and nurses for client procedures
  • Actively participate in training/ workshops and review appropriate surgical techniques for CSR   1 fulltime and outsource
  • Monitor and response for CSR Team under Territory to meet KPI that required and define from company
  • Daily coordinate with Sales Team to support for attend surgery cases
  • Responsible to help support on coaching and training include online training CSR TM under territory to meet the deadline




  • Tertiary qualifications in nursing/ science (or a related discipline) or compensating work experience.
  • Previous experience in orthopedic nursing at scrub/ scout level.
  • Need to travel in local, work outside of normal business hours and over the weekends in order to achieve expected objectives.