Cloud DevOps Developer

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Job Reference: 4205 - Posted 19-Aug-2021

Job Title: Cloud DevOps Developer


Exp-6-13 Years

Job Description:

The Role

  • Build and Run cloud infrastructure and software services primarily in the three public cloud environments (Azure and GCP)
  • Manage and mentor your own team of engineers
  • Automate like your life depends on it. Keep out of the portal, and where possible build infrastructure with Terraform or other IaC tools (Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM Templates etc.,)
  • Run sprints and help prioritise your team’s workload. Jump between helping your team solve problems, to diving into your editor of choice to fix a bug or extend a library
  • Manage relationships with clients to become a trusted delivery partner
  • Support your wider Infrastructure community by assisting other teams, sharing knowledge, debugging problems, contributing code to central projects, and any other things you can think of
  • GTD – Get things done. Use the DevOps culture to bring capabilities together and ship projects
  • Develop tools and services useful in DevOps environments such as performance monitoring, security monitoring, deployment/configuration, continuous integration/build servers and cloud resource creation scripts
  • Enjoy yourself. Maintain and cultivate the culture of your

Candidate Requirement:

  • Proven experience managing a team of engineers and being responsible for delivering projects
  • Proven experience with Linux/Unix/Microsoft configuration
  • Hands on experience with public cloud providers such as Azure and/or GCP
  • Proven experience in software development or scripting languages such as Python/Go/PowerShell/Nodejs/C# or equivalent
  • Solid CI/CD pipelining skills using Octopus/TeamCity/Jenkins/Azure DevOps or equivalent Product focused, build once and reuse
  • Build it run it, take ownership of your code and infrastructure
  • Automates everything
  • Proven experience working in an agile environment
  • Ability to continuously learn, work independently, and make decisions with minimal supervision
  • Be a technological cloud advocate to a wider audience inside and outside of the business
  • Curiosity - Bring fresh ideas to the team and wider firm be it new software or containerization of existing infrastructure and projects

What we look for

  • Proven expertise on Cloud (primarily towards Azure/GCP); Build and run everything on the cloud or to the cloud.
  • A tech-geek and a fast learner who can work with leads, architects and as well as customers on both tech-cloud and non-tech-cloud stuffs.
  • Low level architecting, solutions designating, problem solving skills of Cloud Infrastructure. Help the team to evolve by sharing and gaining the technical wisdom.

What we don’t look for

  • Good at cloud but cannot code the infrastructure or a solution.
  • Not expertise in any one cloud at-least (Azure/GCP) but theoretically know-how on Cloud Technologies.
  • Good at scripting/code development, but recently landed in Cloud or Infrastructure Provisioning.