Recruitment - Engineering/Manufacturing

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Job Reference: 6857 - Posted 03-May-2023


Recruiter (Engineering/Manufacturing) (On Contract)

Job description


The Recruiter will be responsible for a portion or all the full life cycle of the recruiting process.


The recruiter will identify potential candidates through the creation and execution of a robust sourcing plan based on specific requirements of each position. The recruiter will identify and locate passive candidates & generate interest in client positions.  The recruiter may work on pipeline requirements by researching various industries and functions to create a diverse pool of applicants.   The recruiter may also be responsible for coordinating the broadcast, submittal, and overall optimization of suppliers (recruitment agencies) as a supplement to the sourcing & talent chain management strategy.


The recruiter will act as an ongoing consultant to the client on the recruiting process.  The recruiter drives the recruiting process, presents qualified candidates to the hiring managers, and ensures a positive experience for the candidates as they move through this process.  Recruiter is responsible for business commitments such as service level agreements (SLAs), compliance, diversity, and quality.


This is an individual contributor position acting as a positive and contributing team member.  This position may be located virtually, or onsite at the client location


Major Duties & Responsibilities



Skills required: 


  • Experience in recruitment-Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Good exp in stakeholder management
  • Interview scheduling