Senior Financial Shared Service Manager

ENG, United Kingdom    |     Accounting   |   Full-time
Job Reference: 8244 - Posted 14-Jul-2022

Main Functions:

            Required to understand the end-to-end business process from revenue generation and booking through to Cash application and Supplier Payment.

            Manage and review key controls across work streams to ensure that Company obtains the most positive financial impact, whilst ensuring processes are efficient, repeatable and sustainable. 

            Provide leadership and direction to Team Leads of work streams relating to standard operating procedures.

            Ensure that ownership is understood, and process consistently applied, and that employees have the tools and knowledge to achieve company requirements.

            Provide direction, instruction, and guidance to the wider teams – to ensure consistent, timely and compliant approach to processes.

            Hold regular team meetings with the Team Leads - encourage and facilitate Team building and collaborative working across all FSS functions.

            Ensure end-to-end processes work seamlessly, starting with supporting PSO Implementation, through to revenue collection, and corresponding Supplier Payment. Continual review of these processes to ensure that best practice is achieved through adaptation where required.

            Monitor and authorize request for Supplier payments, ensuring that payment requests raised prior to receiving customer funds are kept to a minimum. Where business needs dictates pre-payment, ensure appropriate authorisation as defined in Company Policy obtained before processing.

            Second level of problem escalation and customer service.

            Develop cost-efficient processes to support the varied requirements of our global large OCG customers.

            Streamline middle and back-office processes between Operations and Finance for all OCG products.

            Share best practices with Global Implementation Services, VMS technology and Operations to ensure positive supplier and customer experience, with a strong Leadership presence.

            Maintain a strict control environment to ensure standard operating procedures are documented, followed and measured, using quality control metrics. These to be reviewed as a minimum annually, or whenever a procedure is altered.

            Develop, coach and lead Team leads and work streams, to work effectively with people of all levels internally and externally, holding annual appraisals with Team Leads and assist with appraisals for work streams.

            Identify and help to develop key staff to enable effective succession planning to meet future business needs.  

            Maintain and grow relationships with our local finance partners.

            Provide insight to Leadership for GFBS & FSS on the voice of the customer, trends in the marketplace and technology to continue to provide KOCG the opportunity to be the leader with our competitors. 

Duties and Responsibilities: Please list the major responsibilities regularly performed by this position.  Please note that the frequency of these activities and the percentage of time spent on these duties and responsibilities may vary based upon location and volume of activity.

Percent Time     Major Duties & Responsibilities

40%       Management of staff and responsibilities in the financial support work-stream which includes Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Accounts Payable, and Cash. Reporting for accruals, Credit control and audits.

15%       Ensure metrics are complete and accurate within work-stream – included but not limited to invoice delivery, timely and accurate adjustments, escalation & tracking of potential back-office delays, errors or issues.  Ensure SLAs are being adhered to, as defined and agreed to.

15%       Develop and train Team Leads to empower them too self-direct where appropriate.

Direct & train staff on all OCG Account Implementations from Global Finance Implementation Team. Support the development of solutions either through integrations or manual processes into Kelly’s back office systems (Billing, A/R, A/P ).  

Self-Development – commitment to knowledge building to support progression.

15%       Partner with management across Kelly to articulate trends, define pain points and spearhead solutions and strategies.   Document processes and create an environment for both internal and external customers to satisfy requirements without sacrificing control.

15%       Improve empowerment and thinking for yourself within team; create a more continuous improvement mindset and understanding within team of need for seamless end-to-end processing, understanding roles and upstream and downstream effects; Improve team’s technical skills and abilities and improve customer service.

Qualifications: List the minimum required education, experience, and skills needed to perform the job.

Minimum Education Required:  AAT Level 4, or proven experience in similar role within Financial Shared Services.

            3 Years management experience managing large team ( 20 +) ideally in a similar Financial Shared Service environment,  Accounting or Financial Audit Experience. Must be familiar with Billing, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes.

Skills Required: 

Talent Management/Development - Recognizes and hires talent with; skills/abilities to reinforce today's standards and potential to develop to support Kelly's growth and evolution

Management Skills - Proven track record in delivering results by working with cross-functional Teams.

Information Technology Expertise - Understands IT concepts, procedures and processes needed to perform in managed areas. Effectively integrates with other functional areas of the company and builds expertise based on the needs of the business and the position.

Strategic Thinking - Demonstrates ability to develop a plan of action to achieve a particular goal or objective.

Communication Skills - Ability to clearly express ideas, both written and verbal, in a logical manner.

Project Management - Experience in planning, coordinating, and communicating key objectives, tasks, and risks related to initiatives/process improvements/projects.  Six Sigma knowledge and experience a plus.

Interpersonal Skills - Ability to communicate and listen effectively.

Problem Analysis/ Decision Making - Demonstrated ability to analyse problems, identify root cause, choosing the best alternative to take corrective action, create specific, measurable action plans, and monitor progress to a successful conclusion.

Negotiation - Demonstrates ability to seek an exchange of resources, dialogue, and/or anything else applicable that satisfy the interests of both internal and external customers if completed properly.

Leadership - Demonstrates ability to meet or exceed objectives through effective and efficient use of staff, procedures, policy, systems, and processes.

Innovation and Creativity - Willing to engage in responsible risk taking and lessons learned from the past. Develop and encourage new ideas.

Technology - Comfortable with technology, understanding platforms within Organization and impacts.

Assertiveness - Tactfully and effectively expressing your preferences, needs, opinions, and feelings.

Adaptability - Demonstrates ability to continuously evolve, adjust to and embrace changes in the business environment, offer alternatives, and drive solutions.

Initiative - Recognizes the need for action and acting.

Teamwork - Listens and relates well with others