Splunk Admin

Karnataka Bangalore, India    |     Other   |   Full-time
Job Reference: 5767 - Posted 25-Aug-2022

Job Title: Splunk Admin and Developer

Exp: 4-6 Years

Job Location: Bangalore

  • Splunk Admin must be able to perform tasks and to use the Splunk software. 
  • Must have experience with Splunk large scale architectures
  • Must be able to perform backups, define alerts, create reports, dashboards and manage search jobs.
  • Must understand how to install/uninstall and upgrade Splunk Enterprise.
  • The configuration of data from external sources and the enhancement of data an important skill. 
  • The Splunk Administrator will manage indexes and indexers. 
  • Is responsible for scaling platform deployments, securing Splunk Enterprise, troubleshooting and documenting
  • Build and optimize a large-scale Splunk infrastructure
  • Administering Splunk and Splunk Apps to include developing new or extending existing Apps to perform specialized functionality
  • Design and implement solutions to address business problems understanding the Splunk architecture requirements for scalability, security, and performance
  • Implementing and administering Splunk
  • Manage Splunk Users accounts
  • Building and maintain Splunk components (indexer, forwarder, search head)
  • Experience with Linux/Windows
  • Create data retention policies
  • Securing Splunk Enterprise
  • Ability to grasp customization quickly in environment and provide optimization ideas
  • Experience with syslog data source