Sr. DevOps Engineer

Hyderabad, India    |     Other   |   Full-time
Job Reference: 2677 - Posted 23-Feb-2021

Job Title: Sr. DevOps Engineer

Job Description


Roles and Responsibilities

Overall focus will be on continuous improvement of the product delivery process.

         Capture system level installation and maintenance requirements

         Oversee the software development CI/CD process, be an expert in system deployment and configuration and be instrumental in driving migration to a full DevOps solution

         Create and maintain product installation and configuration material for use by delivery engineers.

         Seek to streamline the product deployment process with a strong focus on quality.

         Integrate software applications. Designs solutions integration and works with Product Architects to improve system scalability and exceed performance requirements.

         Performs software development, scripting, configuration, installation and testing tasks.

         Completes advanced tasks in diagnosing and fixing systems and applications problems.

         Interfaces with project managers, project engineers and customers on general and specific issues within area of functional expertise.

         Function as an integral member of the agile product development team, performing assigned system integration and testing tasks.

         Works directly with the product developers, project engineers or customers to resolve product technical issues

         Provides support for product demonstrations to potential customers and industry events.

Education Qualification

Bachelor's Degree in with advanced experience.

Desired Characteristics

         A record of strong collaboration with cross functional teams to deliver results

         Previous DevOps experience in SaaS environments

         Proven experience implementing large-scale operational automation platforms

         Experience with highly available distributed Windows and Linux server environments

         Proficiency with modern version control systems, including git and TFS

         Knowledge of modern configuration management tools such as Puppet, Chef, Salt or Docker.

         Strong software systems development and integration skills.

         Experience with highly complex hardware and software configurations in a real-time

         Experience with Kubernetes and docker as deployment platform.

         Excellent written and oral communication skills

         Excellent judgment skills to assess high-risk areas

         Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail

         Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and be an outstanding team player

         Ability to be creative, efficient, and productive with minimal supervision or guidance

         Development experience and/or object-oriented programming skills such as C#, Java, Python useful